The future of
security systems is here.

Enhance the security at gated communities with an intuitive, seamless & prompt technology.

GateCheck Features

A simple App based system that helps secure your gated communities at the click of a button. From residents to security personnel, our app has many thoughtful additions and features for a hassle-free community experience.

Control who is allowed
to visit you & when

Every time you get a visitor, The GateCheck app allows you to either approve or reject the visit. You can also call the security to speak to them right from the app.

Expecting a guest ?

With GateCheck you can pre-approve your guests to visit you. This allows them a seamless & fast entry at the security. All they need to do is to show the OTP at security & they are through.

Looking for maids or daily help?

Know when your daily staff has arrived or left the premises, track attendance, check reviews and ratings.

Child safety and security

Out of the community, from anywhere. Deny permission to leave the premises.

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